Dear Literary Agent [a Query Letter]

Dear Literary Agent I am seeking representation for My Muslims: Killing It in Maldives Insha’Allah, a memoir of 85,000 words. The Maldives: where girls are flogged and jailed for being sexually abused if they cannot dig up four witnesses. On the bright side, dogs are banned so the daily road-sweeping ladies never have to wrangle … Continue reading Dear Literary Agent [a Query Letter]

Maldives 9

Biyadhoo Resort 07/2017 A new shoe-shop has opened in Villingili but the owner is taking no chances and has diversified. You might enter looking for footwear but you are just as likely to emerge with the latest in tinned tuna.  * Take my first adult English class (8.30 pm – 10.00 pm). There are eleven students and … Continue reading Maldives 9

Maldives 8

Chakku - Indian Staff Member HIH Find a great shop in Villingili called Apollo. Alongside the cabbages and curry paste, it boasts a selection of special creams for: armpit-whitening, nipple-pinkening and Lady a Vergin (don’t ask). There’s also, Dr James’ Traditional Medicine (since 1969) Slimming Capsules.  The marketing message screams in large black lettering: Oil come out … Continue reading Maldives 8