Memoir and Voice and Why You Need to Sharpen Up

Whilst Frank McCourt [Angela’s Ashes] and Augusten Burroughs [Running With Scissors; A Wolf at the Table] survived accusations of inaccuracies in their memoirs, James Frey’s highly successful A Million Little Pieces, 2002 [featured on Oprah’s Book Club] did not help the genre when it was later revealed he made up 70 per cent. Read More »

Advice to Aspiring Writers from PD James

27 May 2012

PD James‘ memoir, Time to be in Earnest (1997, London: Faber & Faber) reminds me greatly of the writing style of Elizabeth Jane Howard in her memoir, Slipstream, in that they can both make the most mundane of daily activities quite mesmerizing.

Nary a redundant phrase to be had.

James’ memoir is a diary she kept in 1997 but she refers back to her previous life a lot which makes it all the more interesting.Read More »

You Will Never Learn to Write [April]

30 April

Nothing is going to happen re launching my book until I have finished this semester’s Masters assignments. Then I will have 6 clear weeks during which I will edit a few chapters each day and post them here; plus – I can put them on Authonomy and once 10,000 words are up, the book will appear to others on the site and with any luck, get some comments and reviews which will no doubt be very tough to take. Read More »

Excellent Writing Resources

21 May 2012

Writer’s Digest (May 2012) suggest using a single channel such as Kindle Direct which sells to Amazon and if successful, switch later to a multiple channel such as SmashWords which sells to all outlets except Amazon. There is also the option of assisted self-publishing with Abbott Press (part of WD), Harlequin and Thomas Nelson.

19 May 2012

Visit the following site FIRST as you will learn a lot very quickly. The most important fact you will learn is that there is no fast-track to getting published:Read More »