A Response to: “Why I Gave Up the Dream of Getting Published” by Jessica Davidson

Does my bum/ego/writer-ly delusion – look big on this (Jurassic) rock?


My post below is in response to the above-named (see link also).

I thought this article demonstrated tremendous insight. I know nothing of your novel-writing but I too have been studying the (new) publishing world for about five years. I realised a while ago that my query letter was rubbish; 


My Entries #1 – #5


This is definitely not what I thought they meant by achieving a ‘work-life balance.’ #5


161031_contest-690“I think we need to readdress the terms of the ivory donor scheme with you-know-who. ” #4



“I just do not believe that all those ruff layers are from her real, actual friends.” #3



“So, the mugger look is your idea of blending in, is it?” #2



“I am the last specialist in this field; my colleagues will not touch anything bigger than a bank-card.” #1