What I learned self publishing 9 books (is self publishing dead?) by Yann Girard

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I’ve self published 9 books over the past four years. I know. Self publishing isn’t anything special anymore. Still, I wanted to talk a little bit about my experience. Simply because you only hear about the people who have a hell lot of success self publishing books. You never hear about the people who don’t have success self publishing books. And I’m one of them. I never had any success self publishing any of my books… Continue reading

A Response to: “Why I Gave Up the Dream of Getting Published” by Jessica Davidson

Does my bum/ego/writer-ly delusion – look big on this (Jurassic) rock?


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I thought this article demonstrated tremendous insight. I know nothing of your novel-writing but I too have been studying the (new) publishing world for about five years. I realised a while ago that my query letter was rubbish;  Continue reading