Alcohol Abuse

My father drank every day and would let me sip beer as a child. Sometimes my sister and I would be left in the car while our parents were in the pub but we were happy because they brought us raspberry and lemonade. We did not feel abused but of course that could not go […]

Maldives 11

                                    Street in Male’ Maldives – Courtesy of Google Images    A five-star hotel.  A very lovely warm night near the Equator. A waiter glides by with a large Bami Goreng bedecked with a handsome lettuce leaf that elects to […]

Maldives 10

Water Villas, Maldives Resort Many people in Villingili do not have running water and have to fill up lots of plastic bottles each day from a special pump. It is not unusual to see a whole family in the sea shampooing their hair. 

What I learned self publishing 9 books (is self publishing dead?) by Yann Girard

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I’ve self published 9 books over the past four years. I know. Self publishing isn’t anything special anymore. Still, I wanted to talk a little bit about my experience. Simply because you only hear about the people who have a hell lot of success self publishing books. You never hear about the people who don’t have success self publishing books. And I’m one of them. I never had any success self publishing any of my books…Read More »