Hardline Muslims ‘threaten tourism in the Maldives’ [by Oliver Smith, The Telegraph]

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This post is six years old but it is indicative of the changes that occurred in Maldives from early 2012 when Mohamed Nasheed, Maldives first democratically-elected president, was forced out of office.

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                                    Street in Male’ Maldives – Courtesy of Google Images    A five-star hotel.  A very lovely warm night near the Equator. A waiter glides by with a large Bami Goreng bedecked with a handsome lettuce leaf that elects to […]

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Water Villas, Maldives Resort Many people in Villingili do not have running water and have to fill up lots of plastic bottles each day from a special pump. It is not unusual to see a whole family in the sea shampooing their hair.