Maldives 9

Biyadhoo Resort 07/2017 A new shoe-shop has opened in Villingili but the owner is taking no chances and has diversified. You might enter looking for footwear but you are just as likely to emerge with the latest in tinned tuna.  * Take my first adult English class (8.30 pm – 10.00 pm). There are eleven students and … Continue reading Maldives 9

Maldives 8

Chakku - Indian Staff Member HIH Find a great shop in Villingili called Apollo. Alongside the cabbages and curry paste, it boasts a selection of special creams for: armpit-whitening, nipple-pinkening and Lady a Vergin (don’t ask). There’s also, Dr James’ Traditional Medicine (since 1969) Slimming Capsules.  The marketing message screams in large black lettering: Oil come out … Continue reading Maldives 8

Maldives 7

The Author by the HIH Pool On the way home I have tea in a café, choosing noodles and mango juice.  The chap who brings the juice is about thirty and sits down. He has noodles but they are his. After a little quiet reflection of the noodles and me, he asks, “Where is your husband, Madam?” “I don’t … Continue reading Maldives 7

Maldives 6

I am ensconced in a two-bedroom apartment all to myself. I have not bathed in such luxury since I left my three-bedroom London squat in 1993.  There is a very friendly woman across the corridor from me called Fazna, whom I quiz. "How many bedrooms do you have?”  “Two. The same, like you have.”   “And how many … Continue reading Maldives 6

Maldives 5

HIH Pool at Sunset I have managed to scrounge up two young men (who, strangely, do not speak English) to clean the gaggable filth left behind by the previous tenants. Nazrul is very dark and average looking whilst Habab is the best looking man I have ever shared breathing-space with. A visage normally residing within Italian … Continue reading Maldives 5

Maldives 3

My “processing” begins with the aid of Shiva, a debonair Indian with a lush moustache worthy of writing home about. I suspect he would be better looking sans moustache but I can hardly say that.  I imagine I will get around to it, however. Shiva takes me to stay in the Abalone guest-house.  The Abalone is, at best, the … Continue reading Maldives 3

Maldives 2

The Police station is opposite me. Quite what they do I cannot imagine, especially as the station appears to be bigger than the hospital. Often I see the policemen fishing. They give me a fishing line and suggest bread as bait. Despite lots of interest, I never ever catch a fish.  Another day I try chicken sausage as … Continue reading Maldives 2

Maldives 1

Islands from Air Taxi Sea-Plane The fish market.  The enormous, rotund, shiny tuna fascinate me. There are also hundreds of smaller fish being delicately placed by size on the tiles in a precise pattern.  “Heel-oh, my good man. Yes; I’m looking for something bigger than a squirrel-fish but smaller than a rainbow runner.” “Certainly, Madam, come this way … Continue reading Maldives 1