Dear Literary Agent [a Query Letter]

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Dear Literary Agent

I am seeking representation for My Muslims: Killing It in Maldives Insha’Allah, a memoir of 85,000 words. The Maldives: where girls are flogged and jailed for being sexually abused if they cannot dig up four witnesses. On the bright side, dogs are banned so the daily road-sweeping ladies never have to wrangle dog-shit.

Most of the action takes place on the capital island of Malè, a large rock of less than a square mile with upwards of 125,000 occupants. There’s hypocrisy, Singer sewing machines, tyrannical bosses, no dancing, modern-day slavery and insidious oppression in this exquisite and complex archipelago, where the sea is a giant rubbish bin that never gets emptied. So far, so undesirable. In reality, I love the Maldives and have immense respect for the Maldivians and all the other workers I met from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Philippines. But who wouldn’t rather hear about someone else’s appalling experiences abroad?

My writing experience comprises degrees in humanities and interpersonal communication. I co-presented two live radio programmes in Maldives; I have appeared on radio and television in New Zealand. In London, I have done stand-up comedy and comedy improvisation gigs.

Please find the documents attached as per your submission guidelines. Many thanks for your time and consideration.

Yours faithfully


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