Maldives 5


HIH Pool at Sunset

I have managed to scrounge up two young men (who, strangely, do not speak English) to clean the gaggable filth left behind by the previous tenants. Nazrul is very dark and average looking whilst Habab is the best looking man I have ever shared breathing-space with. A visage normally residing within Italian Vogue.

Habab chooses to tackle the rugged job of … dusting the table. His MO is to assault the table-top with a cloth as if hoping to murder the dust. I steer him towards more pressing duties. Just as they are finishing, I find mouse-dirt in the drawers. Habab re-employs the previous MO, now combined with an agitator motion, causing the mouse-shit to come hurtling out the drawers like asteroids. I actually scream.

Habab then conveys he is happy to offer me regular maid service. I meant to give them 100 rufiyaa ($12) in total which is pretty good money. However, Habab gets 100 rufiyaa for each of them but I don’t really mind. Nazrul is stunned and stares at his 100 note as if it just might be the prophet Mohamed’s thigh-bone.

I make enquiries and learn they are from Bangladesh, so they have to learn Dhivehi before English.


Later I walk the island’s perimeter, looking for a swimming place.  I am unhappy to notice that rubbish once again decorates the sand. But I do find a clean area.  It is peopled by a big group of young, fit looking men. Three get in the water with me: Aya, Bilar, and Mueez.  Mueez has emerald green eyes (unusual here) and is very sexy.  I am fully clothed but have my togs underneath. They say I can swim in my one-piece so I disrobe in the sea. Mueez wrings out my clothes and flings them way up on the sand!

These young men live right there by the beach and are military, police, coastguard and firemen all in one.

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