Maldives 2

Lone Palm

The Police station is opposite me. Quite what they do I cannot imagine, especially as the station appears to be bigger than the hospital.

Often I see the policemen fishing. They give me a fishing line and suggest bread as bait. Despite lots of interest, I never ever catch a fish.  Another day I try chicken sausage as bait but all the fish turn their noses up at that.


The locals are not interested in visiting other islands. That sets me thinking about who they marry. And I never find a cemetery.


There are lots of big, black vicious looking crows that perch on massive tree-roots washed up by the Tsunami. The birds don’t attack but they always look like they are considering it.  I sometimes find large cockroaches in my house but they are always dead – why, Lord, why? Lots of lizards come in under the back door but they run outside when I clap my hands; I kid myself I have some of the fauna house-trained.

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