Maldives 1


Islands from Air Taxi Sea-Plane

The fish market.  The enormous, rotund, shiny tuna fascinate me. There are also hundreds of smaller fish being delicately placed by size on the tiles in a precise pattern. 

“Heel-oh, my good man. Yes; I’m looking for something bigger than a squirrel-fish but smaller than a rainbow runner.”

“Certainly, Madam, come this way … I believe I have the very thing.”


I notice that no men pester me as used to occur in other exotic countries. Mind you, that was in my 20s and 30s. One day though a young Maldivian man helps me find the bank and then says:

“How old you are?”


“I am twenty-six. Good. No problem.”


I am at the Bank of Maldives to sort out some finances. It is 2.30 pm and the bank shuts at 1.30 pm. They stay open because there are so many customers waiting. A man gives me his chitty as he has to go. It reads: No 1799, there are 149 people in front of you.


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