10-Second Film and Book Reviews #2


  1. (of language or style) Concise and forcefully expressive.
  2. (of a fruit or plant) Containing much pith.
  3. (often) I take the pith for your entertainment.


The Gingerbread Man

Via John Grisham; Kenneth Branagh seems to be channelling the Roadrunner; I was exhausted after watching this even though I was lying down at the time.


Everyone goes blind via infection;  interesting to watch in terms of what people will do for food, ie, the women prostitute themselves and all inhibitions are out the window since no-one can see, except Julianne Moore, but we never learn why that is.

Nurse Betty

Horror and humour all mixed up; Morgan Freeman and a tiny wee Chris Rock as mobile killers (a cunning ploy surely to make us empathise?); Renee Z on force-3 dippiness.

The Tourist

In which Ms Jolie appears as a praying-mantis clothed by House of Dior with lips courtesy ‘Thunderbirds R Go” and a very reined- in Johnny Depp (suddenly single in real life).


It Had to be You by David Nobbs

Ref the Reggie Perrin books/TV; his style like reverse psychology: he sets up what a character is thinking but then they say the opposite; good story.

Sellevision by Augusten Burroughs

Burroughs’ only fiction; have read all of the non-fiction memoirs, most of which ar eye-popping in their intimate detail but he does it so well; I lurve him.

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

People are bred to be organ donors and they accept it as calmly as if getting a hair-cut; hear rumours of how to extend their lives for a few years; terrifying in its nearness.

The Sound of No Hands Clapping by Toby Young

Not as good as his first: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (film with Simon Pegg), but still pretty interesting overall as he insinuates himself into people’s lives/jobs/you name it.

Climate Wars by Gwynne Dyer

Me: We can do nothing about climate change – it has been going on for millions of years; persecuting cars and factories is no match for the universe.

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