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21 May 2012

Writer’s Digest (May 2012) suggest using a single channel such as Kindle Direct which sells to Amazon and if successful, switch later to a multiple channel such as SmashWords which sells to all outlets except Amazon. There is also the option of assisted self-publishing with Abbott Press (part of WD), Harlequin and Thomas Nelson.

19 May 2012

Visit the following site FIRST as you will learn a lot very quickly. The most important fact you will learn is that there is no fast-track to getting published:


Today heard about http://iwritereadrate.com   Anyone can post their stories/book and even put a price on it. I looked at several of these books and they all had mistakes on the first page. Plus, the formatting was all over the place. Not saying the site is bad but this is lowering the standards for bona fide aspiring writers who try and do everything correctly – like getting a copy-editor for starters.

http://authonomy.com by HarperCollins. You can post your book here. Must be 10,000 words minimum before will be visible. HC keep an eye on comments and do look at a few books each month; some do get published.  This is a great opportunity to go straight to a publishing house rather than via an agent. But, of course, your work needs to be tip-top!

Just been put on Greenleaf by a fellow forum member on Writer’s Digest. These publishers seem quite open to receiving submissions from unknown – so long as they are spectacular of course. You don’t often find publishers this open:


You can write articles, initially 10 for free on this site and link it to your own site if you have one. This is a way to bring more traffic your way:


You can publish your book online with Kindle and Amazon; also, there is a print option available under Create Space. Other sites are Lulu and SmashWords.

If you have your own site, you can see who is visiting it by joining:


Images of every kind can be bought from http://www.istockphoto.com

For flash fiction and other opportunities to appear online via submissions or by winning contests go to:









http://www.mslexia.co.uk (ladies only)




The only site that submits your book details to more than 280 literary agents in the UK and Ireland:


Now, there are tons of great sites listed below, but I will put the best one first. It is from Harper Collins and you can put your book on this site and if enough people show interest, HC will have a good, close look at your book:


Another from the US which is mainly lists books and courses to buy. It is part of Writer’s Digest:


This one from the UK gives you the opportunity to post your writing and get comments back. “Great Writing is a free creative writing support forum where the aspiring authors, poets and bards come to read and review each other’s work.” You can post up to three items for comment on the site at one time which is good as it keeps the site from getting clogged up:


Here is another site from the US which has many links to follow on from. It has lots of competitions featured but they cost a lot more to enter than UK ones.

“The Writer is dedicated to helping professional and aspiring writers with a straightforward presentation of information, instruction and motivation.”


The UK’s Writing Mag site is:


Go to http://www.evileditor.blogspot.co.nz if you want a laugh along with great advice.

The original ‘dark and stormy night’ updated at http://www.bulwer-lytton.com

The UK magazine, The Oldie, accepts direct submissions for its Expat, I Once Met, The Old Un‘s Diary, etc:


Even BBC are willing to hear from unknowns – if you can write drama/comedy scripts:


HCI will accept submissions directly from the public; they are the publishers of the Dave Pelzer story (A Boy Called It, etc). There is a lengthy form to fill in but it must be well worth a go.


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